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Sunday, February 21, 2010

We Finally Get A Pediatrician!

Since Plan B was far less effective than I imagined it would be, we had to keep looking for a pediatrician for Nathan.  So we decided to once again check with a couple of our friends for information and insights on their pediatricians. 

We didn't know by when we were supposed to have our pediatrician, but it was probably better to have it sooner rather than later.  But after the letdown with not getting Dr. Cornish, the decision kept being harder than it probably should have been.  So we decided that when they brought it up again, we would mention our difficulties and ask if they had any recommendations.

Almost as soon as we decided this, one of the nurse practioners asked us if we had selected a pediatrician yet.  We explained our plight to her and she replied that they probably had a list that we could look at.  So we thought that that was a pretty good idea.

After about an hour, she returned and said that after a considerable amount of begging and groveling, Dr. Cornish had agreed to be Nathan's doctor!  We were both entirely shocked and pleased at the same time.  She informed us that we were to call and schedule an appointment when we knew when Nathan was supposed to be discharged.

Wow!  After so much disappointment and struggle in finding a pediatrician, our problem was fixed just like that.  It was amazing.  And we got the doctor that we wanted.  We were so grateful and happy and excited all at once.

Now, what did we need to do to get Nathan home?

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