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The Family
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Surgery Postponed

Sometime late Sunday night or early Monday morning, Nathan spiked a fever.  Lab tests showed that he had a urinary tract infection.  Because of the infection, Nathan's surgery had to be postponed for a few days.

And actually, we were very, very, VERY relieved that Nathan's surgery had been delayed.  We had been feeling very uneasy and nervous about the shunt. Since Nathan had contracted a UTI, which is extremely rare in boys, we wanted to believe that this was possibly Divine Intervention.  We really, really wanted to believe that Nathan wouldn't need the shunt.

In our souls, we knew that God is a God of miracles.  We knew that if the fluid was able to start flowing normally again, then Nathan would be able to avoid the surgery all together.  And we believed with our whole hearts that God was able to dissolve or remove or unblock or do whatever was necessary to fix Nathan's condition so that he wouldn't require surgery.

So we decided to pray really hard over the next few days that Nathan wouldn't need the surgery to get better.  And we hoped equally hard that Heavenly Father would recognize our faith and grant us another miracle.

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