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The Family
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Sunday, February 7, 2010


As great and exciting and joy filled as Monday was, Tuesday had us worrying again.

By Tuesday morning, Nathan had started to present with symptoms again.  And by Thursday, he really wasn't looking very good.  So we began to worry, which led us to start to re-evaluate our position.

What was more important?  Really, what was most important?

After much discussion, we determined that Nathan being well enough to come home was the most important.  And once we had our priorities straight, we realized that Nathan was not extremely comfortable and that he was going to have a hard time progressing much until the situation with the hydrocephalus was resolved.

So we did an about face and decided that it was in Nathan's best interest to have a shunt installed.

Unfortunately, the neurosurgeon didn't quite agree with us.  In the medical view of things, at this particular point in time, Nathan needing a shunt was very, very borderline.  And since a shunt is a lifetime commitment, he didn't want to do anything unless it was absolutely necessary.

So that left us feeling...well, we didn't quite know how to feel.  We either needed Nathan to get better, or we needed him to get worse.  That made it really hard to know what to pray for.  We had been praying so hard for Nathan to get better without the shunt, that now it seemed so wrong to pray for him to get worse so that he could have the surgery.

So we decided to pray for whatever was in Nathan's best interest and whichever option would bring him home quicker.  We felt that that way, it was entirely in the Lord's hands.  And He had never let us down.

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