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The Family
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Saturday, February 6, 2010

And The Verdict Is...

We knew that Nathan didn't need to be completely healed over the weekend.  But rather he needed to be making good, forward progress in order for the surgery to be canceled.

Over the weekend, Nathan looked really good.  His eyes were looking a lot better and he was acting a lot more comfortable.  So we were really optimistic going into Monday, when the neurosurgeon would come and re-evaluate him again.

On Monday morning, the surgeon stopped by and examined Nathan.  He noted that Nathan's head growth had stabilized, that the soft spot on his head was soft again, and that his eyes were looking considerably better.

Based on those assessments, he deemed surgery unnecessary as long as Nathan continued to show good forward progress!  He indicated that they would continue to monitor Nathan, but that hopefully he would continue to get better.

As soon as the surgeon had left, Bekah and I did a subdued celebration dance and called our parents to tell them the good news.

We all felt so relieved and so grateful!  Our prayers had been heard and answered!  We had been extended an incredible blessing of mercy.  There really aren't words to express the type of gratitude that swells inside your entire heart and soul.  You just know that Heavenly Father understands the feelings and doesn't require you to express words.  Just to know that you are so thankful for the blessing received.

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