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The Family
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Plan B

We were really, really disappointed when we found out that Dr. Cornish wasn't accepting new patients.  But I wasn't quite ready to give up on this option just yet.  So while Bekah was going to check into the doctor at the practice who was accepting new patients, I had come up with what I considered a brilliant plan.

I decided to email Dr. Rope and tell him that we appreciated his recommendation and then explain the situation with Dr. Cornish not accepting new patients and ask if he knew of any other pediatricians in the area that he might also recommend.

The way I envisioned Plan B in my head, upon receiving my email, Dr. Rope would feel some sort of pity for us and then contact his good friend, Dr. Cornish.  Dr. Rope would then tell Dr. Cornish about Nathan and all he's been through and how he would make the perfect doctor for Nathan.  Dr. Cornish would then feel an intense amount of compassion for us and agree to be Nathan's doctor.  Dr. Rope would then let us know that Dr. Cornish had accepted us as a new patient.  And voila!  We'd have our pediatrician!

I'm sure you will agree that this was an ingenious plan.

Unfortunately, reality didn't match up with my Plan B.  Dr. Rope simply replied that he didn't know anyone else in the area and wished us luck.

Humph!  That didn't go according to plan at all!  Strike two.  So we were still without a pediatrician and were now up to Plan C.

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