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The Family
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Friday, January 15, 2010


Over the next few days, Nathan began to make good progress.  It's amazing how that can happen when your heart is functioning mostly properly for the first time in your life!

Remarkably, within 2-3 days his heart had recovered to the point that they were able to remove the pacemaker.

Additionally, his leg began to recover as well.  The doctors originally suspected that there was a clot in one of the smaller veins in his leg.  As a result, he was put on blood thinning medication to try and dissolve it.

For the first couple of days, his leg maintained a faint pulse.  But gradually it became a little stronger and a little stronger.  Soon the normal color started to return as well.  Thankfully, Nathan's leg was going to be OK.

Each day Nathan was in the PICU, his doctor from the NICU came to check on him and let him know that they were holding a place for him back in the NICU as soon as he was well enough to leave the PICU.  And then, a couple of days before Halloween, only a week after his surgery, Nathan was moved back to the NICU!

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