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The Family
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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Okay...So There Is SERIOUSLY Somethig Wrong With Nathan's Eyes...

As Nathan continued to come off the narcotics, we expected that the freaky, bugged-out eye thing he had been experiencing would just go away.  And it seemed to for a little while.  But now, more than a month after surgery, Nathan eyes started doing some seriously freaky, scary things.

First, every so often his eyes would just start vibrating.  It was as if he had no control over it, and it was really, really freaky!

And second, and the most freaky, his eyes started "dropping."  Instead being able to cast his gaze outward, like normal, his gaze began to be almost constantly downward.  And sometimes it was very difficult for him to raise his eyes to normal level and focus on anything.  It was extremely scary and worrisome.

We would comment on it to whichever nurse happened to be on duty, and they would always say that they would pass it along to the doctor.  But it never seemed like we were getting any feedback from the doctor about what was going on with Nathan's eyes.

As it turns out, the doctor was frequently stopping by, but Nathan was always asleep when she would come to check him out.

Finally, one day when both of us happened to be there and Nathan was awake and having the freaky eyes, we had the nurse page the doctor.  When she arrived, she took one look at Nathan's eyes and shrieked, "Oh, oh, oh!  Stop!  Don't do that!"

She then agreed with us something was definitely wrong.  She then ordered an ultrasound for his head so that they could get an idea of what was going on inside there and what may have been causing Nathan's freaky eyes.

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