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Friday, January 22, 2010

Coming Off The Ventilator...Third Times The Charm?

On November 10th, Nathan was taken off the ventilator again.  It marked the 3rd time in 10 days.  We really hoped and prayed as hard as we could that this would be the time.

Even though he had only been back on the ventilator for a couple of days, they were a good couple of days, except for the big, buggy, scared eyes that we assumed were still from withdrawals.

As with the last couple of times, Nathan had a couple of rough episodes, but he did his best to work through them.  To help him out, they gave him some steroids and albuterol treatments to both strengthen and relax his lungs...somewhat odd, we know.

Unfortunately, as with the last three times, Nathan eventually began to overwork and wear himself out.  So on Monday morning, November 12th, Nathan was re-intubated once more.

We were once again really excited and pleased that Nathan was able to do so well.  He made it almost 2 days!  That was nearly 3 times as long as he made it the first time!  So he was making progress.

But at the same time, we were starting to become more than a little frustrated with the whole process.  We were starting to have trouble seeing and understanding the plan or the logic behind everything.  In addition to trying to get him off the ventilator, they were also weaning him off some medicinal narcotics and trying to start feeding him as well.

We felt that they were trying to do too much at the same time and that Nathan just wasn't able to handle it all at the same time.

With all the unsuccessful attempts to come off the ventilator, was Nathan making any progress?  What was it going to take to move forward?  How were we going to get him off this blasted ventilator?

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  1. I just thought I would post something I noticed that my baby is doing. You mentioned that Nathan was having some real big buggy scared eyes and thought it might be from his medication. I noticed that Alex has them too. He will be eating from a bottle or looking at me and all of a sudden his eyes get real big and it looks as though he is really scared. At first I was worried that he was in pain or something but after he kept doing it over and over I realized that it must just be something babies do. Alex never cried like he was in pain he just looked really scared. I don't know for sure but it may have been because after all he'd been through he really was comfortable and alert enough to do something babies just do. I don't know if that makes any sense but I thought it might bring you some comfort.