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The Family
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back in the NICU

Prior to heart surgery day, Nathan had spent almost his entire life in the same room in the NICU.  Because it was the room usually reserved for newborns with the most severe health problems, we had taken to calling it "The Sick Baby Room."

When Nathan was moved back to the NICU, to our surprise he wasn't moved back to The Sick Baby Room.  This was both exciting and disappointing at the same time.

It was exciting because it meant that Nathan was no longer one of the sickest babies in the hospital!  That was something worth celebrating!

However, at the same time, not being in The Sick Baby Room also meant that we would probably not being seeing a lot of our favorite nurses as often anymore, because many of them were usually assigned to care for the sickest babies.  Since we had become quite close with some of them, the move was also a little sad.

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