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The Family
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Rest of the First Week

After the first night, the rest of the week passed mostly without incident.

Wednesday morning, Nathan was throwing up quite a bit, which we attributed to the rough night he had had.

Wednesday afternoon, we had our first appointment with Dr. Cornish.  They scheduled us for the first appointment right after lunch so that the waiting room would be as empty as possible.  While there, they weighed Nathan, measured his head, and took his blood pressure.  We also talked about Nathan's medications, what had happened the night before, and what to watch for in regards to Nathan's health, and what we could likely expect moving forward.  And then he told us to come back the next week.

The rest of the week we spent at home playing and loving and enjoying every moment of it.

Occasionally, Nathan would have some issues with vomiting, especially while being fed, so we did our best to deal with it and work around it by pausing Nathan's feeding for a few minutes if we needed to.  The hard part, though, was learning to tell the difference between "normal baby spit-up" and "we need to worry throw up." 

But as each day went by, we learned to adjust more and more to life with Nathan at home.  We adapted to what we could and tried to make as much of a routine as we could.  And it was really an adjustment! 

Here are a few pictures from Nathan's first week home:

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