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The Family
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Going Home!

As soon as we got the "All Clear," we loaded Nathan into his car seat, disconnected him from the hospital oxygen and connected him to our portable oxygen tank, hooked him up to an oxygen monitor, and headed out of the NICU.
On our way out, we stopped to take a picture for the Discharge Wall of Fame and to take a picture with our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (Thomas has been a huge fan of Spider-Man since he was 5!).

 After we made our way down to the first floor, a member of the hospital's Car Seat Team was waiting for us to make sure Nathan's car seat was properly installed and safe for the trip home.  After everything checked out OK (she did tighten the base of the seat some), she also gave us the go ahead to leave.  I don't know what would have happened had she not approved of the car seat!  Thank goodness it all checked out!

Bekah then loaded Nathan into the car and we said our final good-byes to Ashlee (she had accompanied us down from the NICU).
We then both got in the car and I drove away, heading home to a brand new adventure!

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