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The Family
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Discharge Paperwork

Nathan's discharge paperwork was 3 pages long!

It included information and instructions on
  1. Nathan's feeding schedule, including how many calories he needed, how often he should be fed, and how much to give him at each feeding.
  2. His follow-up appointments, including the doctors or clinics he needed to see (there were 6) and when he needed to be scheduled.
  3. His list of medications (there were 12), including how much to give and how often.
  4. Restrictions on Nathan's activity (he wasn't supposed to go anywhere public, except the doctor's office, for at least 3-6 months).
  5. And other instructions and things to watch for regarding fevers, oxygen needs, blood pressure, issues with too much vomiting, and too few wet diapers per day.

It was a  lot to take in.  Thank goodness they write it all down for you!

And with that, we were given the OK to leave.  We were officially discharged from the NICU!

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