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Sunday, November 7, 2010

What's That Strange Bump on Your Head?

As Nathan's head continued to grow, one of the most bizarre side effects of his situation was an odd bump that started forming at the site of his most recent shunt surgery.  In these two pictures you get an idea of how big Nathan's head was actually getting and you can see the bump we're talking about, almost right on top of his head.

When you first looked at it, the bump on Nathan's head looked just like a bump you might get if you hit your head.  But Nathan's bump wasn't hard or solid.  In fact, it was just....bulgy....for lack of a better word.  If you pushed on it, it would go down and be flat for half a second. and then slowly fill back out into the same bubble-shaped bump.  But we tried hard not to push on it because every time we did, Nathan would almost instantly throw up.

While we knew that the odds of this actually happening were quite low, we both worried a little that one day the pressure inside his head would get to be too great and the bubble would pop or explode or something.  Which was actually a very scary thought, even though the likelihood of it happening was infinitesimally small.

Nonetheless, we decided we should probably take him up to see the neurosurgeon and get another lumbar puncture to see if that would help decrease his inter-cranial pressure and head size again.

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