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The Family
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Head Bubbles

In spite of being so underweight and constantly dealing with "head issues," Nathan was really starting to make some great steps developmentally.  He still struggled with anything really hard, like sitting up on his own, crawling, standing, or anything else that required major head control.  But he was holding toys really well and transferring them between hands and had actually started to jabber quite a bit too, which was really fun.

All in all, though, we were quite pleased with how things were progressing, with the exception of Nathan's head growing again.  Despite that fact that he had just had the Lumbar Puncture less than a couple of weeks before, his head was approaching pre-LP size again as the end of the month neared.  And most odd was that he started to get "bubbles" appearing in random places on his head.  If you look closely, you can see one in this picture near his hairline on the top right side (your left) of his forehead:

Honestly, the bubbles were really freaky.  It was almost like the pressure inside his head was so intense that it was looking for whatever avenue it could find to escape, even tiny little fizzures in Nathan's skull.  Very scary!

So with not really any other option, we called the neurosurgery department to schedule an appointment.  Nathan's surgeon had returned from his teaching expedition in Africa and scheduled us to see him in a couple of days.

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