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The Family
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Time Has Finally Come

"Thomas! Thomas! Sweetie! Wake up! We're having a baby!"

The words "We're having a baby!" jolted me out of my peaceful slumber.

"We're having a baby?!?!?!"

What time was it? 4am? 5am? 6am? I looked up to find the clock and saw the window to the NICU open. We really were having a baby! I found the clock. It read 1:30am. It was only 1:30am? That meant I had been asleep for just over an hour. I felt like I had been asleep for at least 4 or 5 hours.

But now here it was. Nathan was going to be born any time now...

Dr. Byrne entered the room around 2am. Seeing her was both a relief and a shock. Earlier in the evening, when things were progressing very slowly, she had informed us that she would be heading home for a little bit in order to get some sleep. She also let us know that she only lived about 5 minutes away, so that when it was time, she could get here quickly.

However, during the interim, a large thunderstorm had passed through the Salt Lake area. The storm caused a power outage in a number of parts of the city. And Dr. Byrne's house happened to be in one of the areas where the power had gone out. As a result, she couldn't open her garage door, meaning that her car was stuck in her garage! As a precaution, she had called one of her colleagues to be ready to deliver, just in case.

Of course, we weren't aware of all that was going on outside or even that Dr. Byrne's car was stuck in her garage. We didn't find that out until 2 days later! The only thing we new was that Dr. Byrne might not be able to make it back. As Providence would have it, though, she was able to make it back in time!

Finally, around 2:37am on Wednesday, September 5, 2007, Nathan made his grand entrance into the world.

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