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Saturday, October 10, 2009

He Just Looked So Perfect

Around 4am, one of the nurses brought in a wheelchair so that I could transport Bekah to the NICU.

As we entered the room, it seemed very small and crowded. There were a couple of other babies, a few nurses, a couple of doctors, and the Life Flight team already in there. We just wanted to see our baby, but it felt like we were intruding or in the way. We found an open space and positioned ourselves as close to Nathan as we could without being in the way. We were right across from him, maybe 5 or 6 feet away.

Nathan just lay there motionless, the ventilator doing his breathing for him. But I couldn't help but notice as we looked across at him, that he just looked so perfect. Inside, his body was so messed up; but outside, he was beautiful. Looking at him, you would never know that he was so sick and clinging to life.

We weren't there very long before the Life Flight team was ready to load him up and transport him across the way to Primary Children's Medical Center. They wheeled in what we affectionately termed "The Space Shuttle" to transport Nathan.

Unexpectedly, the Life Flight team leader asked me if I was LDS. I replied that I was. She then asked if I would like to give my son a blessing before they took him away. Even though I wasn't expecting it, I eagerly accepted the opportunity and moved over next to my son. He was even more perfect up close!

I gently laid my hands on his little head and prayed Heavenly Father would watch over him and that angels would be with him.

After that, they gently loaded him into the Space Shuttle and invited me to accompany them across the way.

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