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The Family
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Grateful for Miracles (of All Sizes)

We met with Dr. Ball again on June 7.

The two weeks passed both quickly and slowly. We were excited to see if there was any improvement in Nathan's LHR and to get the results back from the amnio.

During the ultrasound, Dr. Ball commented that Nathan's stomach had moved down and out of the chest (good news!) As a result, he was now calculating the LHR to be at 0.9. Simply amazing! In just 2 weeks Nathan's LHR had increased 50%!

Yes, we had been praying hard, but neither of us expected such an increase. It was truly miraculous.

Probably sensing our enthusiasm, Dr. Ball was quick to remind us that Nathan was still on the worse side of so-so, but we knew that God had had a hand in this.

Additionally, we got the results back from the amnio that day. Thankfully, the results of the amnio came back normal. It wasn't until after we had gotten the results back, that we found out that there are a small number of chromosomal defects and syndromes often associated with CDH, some of which are generally fatal.

Thankfully, that wasn’t going to be a bridge we would have to cross.

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