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The Family
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Each Step A Little Bit Closer

We met with Dr. Ball again on July 9. As was custom, he performed another ultrasound to take new measurements for the LHR. As it turned out, Nathan's stomach was "floating" back and forth between his chest and his abdomen, thus making it difficult to get an accurate measurement for the LHR. But "eyeballing it," Dr. Ball estimated that the measurement was probably the same.

We were relieved that the situation wasn't worse, but somewhat disappointed that there wasn't a big improvement like the last time. Nonetheless, we were extremely grateful for the position we were in.

In addition, Dr. Ball followed-up on our meetings with Dr. Puchalski and Dr. Scaife. He also let us know that we still needed to have a fetal MRI to get a better and more accurate picture of the hernia than the ultrasound provided. He would have the hospital call us to schedule the appointment.

Additionally, he would also arrange for one of the neonatalogists at Primary Children's to call us and schedule a consult so that we would could tour the NICU and also to know what to expect in terms of Nathan's care after he was born. He would also have the doctor who would be delivering Nathan call us to schedule a meeting and arrange for transfer of the pre-natal care to the University of Utah Hospital where Nathan would be born.

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