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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You Mean They Actually Schedule These Things?

Friday morning we received a call from a very nice lady at Dr. Scaife's office.  She was calling to remind us of Nathan's surgery Monday morning and as well as to give us instructions, such as the last time Nathan should eat before surgery.

She also told us where we would need to go to check in.  Which was actually beneficial to us because for all of the surgeries that Nathan had had (and there had been a lot!), none of them had ever been as an out-patient.  They had all been done as an in-patient.  So this was something entirely foreign to us.  Which considering how "experienced" we thought we were, was somewhat nice to remind us that we hadn't "been through it all."

It reminded us of a couple of months before when we had met with Dr. Scaife to discuss Nathan getting the feeding tube.  After he had explained the procedure to us, he had us meet with the receptionist to schedule the surgery.  Our first thought was, "People actually schedule these things?"

Which, when you think about it, makes complete sense.  But when you've never been through that process before, it was a complete shocker.  I don't even know what we were thinking and or expecting in regards to the surgery.  Most likely that they would admit Nathan and do the surgery in the next day or two, since that's what had always happened.

The receptionist informed us that Dr. Scaife's earliest appointment available was nearly 3 months from the date of our appointment.  Three months?  Not only was it a shock that you had to schedule a surgery, it was an even bigger shock that the earliest appointment was nearly three months away!  Who schedules surgery appointments three months in advance?

Apparently most people do.  And so we did.  And now the day was finally upon us.


  1. I always look forward to updates to your blog. :) Both of Todd's surgeries at the University of Utah were months out. The first one we got lucky and there was a cancellation so it was only 2 months instead of 4 month wait. Crazy how busy those doctors are.

  2. That is so funny that you say this, because I have had a few surgeries. A few were suppose to be out-patient, but ended up being in-patient instead. It is totally different. Jake and I both work or have worked in the surgery side of things. This part is very familiar to us. I bet it was odd, feeling for once that you were in foreign territory. It seems that your pro's at most everything else as far as hospital stays go.