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The Family
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Time of Really Good Progress

After three long weeks in the hospital, we were happy to all be home again.  Most of all, we were happy to have a working shunt again.  And Nathan seemed happy to be home and to have a working shunt as well.

When healthy, Nathan was always a very happy child.  But following this shunt surgery, his happiness seemed to multiply tenfold.  He seemed to always be smiling and giggling.  And, for the first time, he started to move around!  They weren't big moves, but we were soooo excited.  Mostly, he would just roll over on to his side, but it would usually be in an effort to try and reach something that he knew was around but that he couldn't get to just by feeling around.

Now we realize that most parents probably don't celebrate things like that, but when your child is over 8 months old, things like that were HUGE milestones to us and very worth of celebrating.

In addition, we were able to condense his feedings down to over 30 minutes, instead of the usual hour or so that it normally took.  Which was also wonderful!

So all in all, it was a time a really good progress.  We were super excited that Nathan was finally in a position to be allowed to learn and grow and progress without being stuck on his back all the time in a hospital bed.  So we were looking forward to a wonderful summer.


  1. Look at that beautiful baby boy. YOU GUYS are truly blessed.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. I love checking back to see if there is something new. I am one of those parents who celebrates EVERY little milestone too, so I think its perfectly normal to be excited to see your child doing/learning something new, no matter how small it seems!