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The Family
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nathan Laughs!

There are a lot of things you don't think about your child doing, unless they don't do them.  And then when they finally do them, it's like the biggest celebration and party you can imagine.  For us, laughing was one of those things.

Following his shunt surgery, as he started to feel better, Nathan became a really happy baby.  As we would play with him, he would get really, really excited: his eyes would get really big and happy, his mouth would open wide, and he would wiggle crazily.  It was awesome and adorable! 

But he never made any sound.  And honestly, that was more than a little disappointing to us, to have your 5 month old not really make any sounds.

And then one night it finally happened!  As I was playing with Nathan, he made..a happy noise!  I turned to Bekah and asked her if she had heard it too, which she had.  I excitedly said that I thought it was a laugh.  Bekah wasn't so sure.

I was 90% certain it was laugh though, and I really, really, really wanted him to do it again.  So I tried to remember exactly what I had done to cause it and tried to repeat it again.  And sure enough, he did it again.  Now I was 100% convinced that it was a laugh.

I felt like Super Dad!  I had made Nathan laugh.  I was so happy.  There were times that I felt left out because I had to go to work all the time and Bekah got to stay home all day with Nathan.  So being the first one to make Nathan laugh was such a thrill for me.

But not so much for Bekah.  She felt just the opposite of what I felt.  In fact, she felt really bummed out.

Bekah felt gypped for exactly the same reason that I was so thrilled.  She got to spend all day at home with Nathan, so why didn't he laugh for her.

It was a growing experience for both of us as we learned to better appreciate each other and the joys and downers that were going to come along as Nathan grew up.

Thankfully, Nathan started laughing for Bekah in a couple of days, too.  So that definitely helped!

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