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The Family
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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Worst Day of Our Lives

We made our way to the PICU to be with Nathan before they took him into the OR.  Since we had really only ever spent our time in the hospital in the NICU, we had more than a little trouble finding where the PICU was.  Fortunately, we were paged by the hospital operator who was able to give us directions when I called her back.

We soon found Nathan's room at the far end of the PICU.  They were getting ready to transport him to the OR.  He looked so awful.  Pale. Fragile.  Broken.  Motionless.  Our sweet little boy......

Seeing him was excruciating.  Not being able to do anything about it was torture.

Fortunately, we didn't have to wait very long before they started moving Nathan to the OR.  We took the short but long walk from the PICU to the OR with them, doing the best we could to hold back tears.

And then it happened.

Sometimes, when things are the most dark, when you are the most down, when everything looks the most bleak, God shines a ray of hope down to your soul, a "tender mercy" to let you know that he is still there and still watching over you.

As we approached the door to the OR, Nathan opened his eyes and looked at us.  My eyes filled up with tears.

"You stay with us, Son!  You stay with us!" I yelled to Nathan as they wheeled him through the doors and directed us to the waiting room.

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